Understanding NDIS

Understanding NDIS

In need of a deeper understanding into NDIS?

NDIS was implemented to ensure individuals with immutable disabilities are provided with long-term support. If you are wanting to understand what NDIS provides, if you are eligible for NDIS or simply looking for a new NDIS provider, we have noted some important information to help you better understand NDIS. The National Disability Insurance Scheme concentrates on comprehensive early intervention and provides support to eligible participants to encourage participation in life activities. We will cover how you and your family can utilise their support services.

What does NDIS stand for?

National Disability Insurance Scheme. NDIS has been implemented to ensure people who acquire any form of permanent disability get the support they need. The scheme was formulated to assist people in improving their independence and skills over time.

NDIS’ focal point is to ensure all participants who qualify are able to gain access to funded support that will promote improving their individual needs and requirements. NDIS stimulates all vital support plans to empower each qualified participant to live a free and independent life.